Welcome to SONG of the BODY

Sound and Body Healing

Francesca Genco is a yoga instructor, singer and sound healer, bodyworker and interdisciplinary arts teacher. She is the founder of Song of the Body, which offers classes, workshops and retreats in yoga, breathwork and creative expression. Francesca’s classes and private sessions are based in creating an intimate relationship with the body as we learn to listen and respond to its natural intelligence and resonance.

Francesca recently released her first solo album of improvised chants. Click on the button below to listen to clips and/or buy the CD.

These chants unfolded from deep within my heart. They invoke an ancient and powerful Indian tradition, inflected through my own improvisational style. Although they are all in Sanskrit, they reflect the influences of many genres of music from different times, cultures and spiritual traditions, including Gregorian chants, Arabic love songs and Australian aboriginal trance music. What unifies these songs is the openness and devotion with which I offer them. May they be as healing for you as they continue to be for me.

To contact Francesca, call:(510) 524-2924 or send an email.